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Hey what’s up dude it’s Sam here and I guess you’ve decided to have a nosey around the site and see what’s up.

Well that’s cool.

I’m glad you stopped by.

So first of all how did I come up with the name DudeHung.com?

One of my favorite movies is the Big Lebowski starring “The Dude”.

I just think he’s one of the coolest character ever.

And as I was trying to think of website name ideas I glanced over to my DVD rack and saw the dudes face.

And because this site is all about male enhancement and getting ‘hung’ the name DudeHung.com just popped into my head.

I decided to start this site to talk about my experience using male enhancement to help guys out.

Before I got started with male enhancement I was actually 5.7 inches which is about average but over the past 6 months I’ve gained over an inch and a half and am now around 6.9 inches.

My goal is 8 inches.

The main thing that has helped me has been the Jes Extender device.

I started off as a big skeptic about enlargement devices but I’ve since changed my mind completely.

Now all I want to do is help others reach their goals because I know how good it feels to get bigger down below.

And trust me guys, bigger is better.

I also started taking the Vigrx Plus pills because I heard good things about them.

So check back often because I’ll be posting about anything that I think will help you become better in the bedroom department.

That includes tips, reviews, articles and case studies.

Anyway stay frosty dude, you’ll get there soon!

~ Sam

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