Jes Extender Review And Results

Here’s a question for you: Is  actually possible without surgery?

I had the same question a few months ago before I started using the Jes Extender.

Now I’m posting my review to share my results with you guys!

Have you ever wished that you were just a couple of inches bigger?

So you could bang chicks like a pro?

At just over 5 inches I know I have!

I was about average which most people will tell you is perfectly fine but to me it just didn’t feel like enough.

Did you know that most women think 8 inches is the perfect size?

So I decided to find out if there was a way to get bigger.

The first thing that came to mind was surgery but that costs at least 10k for a good surgeon.

And it’s also very risky and most men surveyed say that they were unhappy with their results.

Many of them end up with wonky and weird looking es. Like this one..

So no way was I gonna take that kind of risk.

And then I started learning about devices such as pumps and extenders.

After doing some research I came across this study conducted by the British Journal of Urology, here’s what they have to say about extenders..

Jes Extender Proof

Jes Extender Proof 2

So for the next few days I read through lots of forums and blogs and found lots of guys posting that they’ve gained inches using extenders.

One name that kept popping up as being good was the Jes Extender device.

Before I knew it I had ordered my own and it arrived in the post a few days later..

To tell you the truth after it arrived I didn’t really know what to do with it but thankfully I got some help from a guy on a forum who had gained over 2 inches with his extender and he shared his routine with me.

I’ll share the routine with you in a minute.

Now at this point I should tell you that even though I’d heard good things about the Jes Extender I was still quite skeptical that it was even possible to increase the size of the  with these devices.

I’m the kind of guy who needs to see it for myself to believe it.

Anyway now I had a routine to follow all I had to do was follow it and hope for the best..

And that’s what I did. I stuck to the routine like my life depended on it.

..Before I knew it 3 months had passed.

So let’s move onto..

My Jes Extender Results – Almost 1 Inch Gained In Less Than 3 Months..

Remember I started off at about 5 inches inches.

Well after about 3 months I’m now at about 5.9 inches and growing!

I’ve also gained about half an inch in girth.

Here’s how it all went down..

End of month 1: As you’ll see with my routine in a minute the first month starts off a bit slow and is all about working your way up until you can wear the extender all day.

So for the first month I didn’t really see much in the way of size gain, I think I gained about a centimeter.

However what I did notice was that my s were a lot harder.

End of month 3: So after the first month I was wearing the extender for a solid 12 hours per day and I really started to see results.

By the end of month 3 I finally measured myself for the first time.

Now you may be wondering why I left it so long to measure myself.

It’s psychological really. I wanted the anticipation of finally seeing how much I had gained so I left it as long as possible.

Anyway when I did finally measure myself I almost had to pinch myself to see if this was real life because according to my ruler I’d grown to 5.9 inches.

Now remember the first month was kind of a warming up period, but still in less than 3 months I had gained almost an inch. 😎

So I’m happy.

..Now let me tell you a quick story!

Last week I was at a birthday party with someone I work with.

Anyway at the party I met this girl who I’d slept with years ago and hadn’t really seen her much since then.

We got talking and yeah you guessed it she ended up round my place after the party.

I can still see the look on her face now when she pulled my pants down.

She said, “huh, have you grown? I swear you weren’t this big before.”


Since using the Jes Extender device I’ve found that..

  • I’m more confident when it comes to talking to women.
  • My  are a lot harder.
  • I last a lot longer in bed and seem to have a lot more control over when I finish. So I’m better in bed.
  • My length and girth has increased.

Gaining almost an inch in just a few months as proven to me that devices like the Jes Extender really do work so now I have a new goal.

My new goal is to reach 8 inches using the extender.

I feel pretty confident I can do it.

Anyway I’ve mentioned it a few times already but here’s..

My Jes Extender Routine For Maximum Results

JMore Jes Extender Before And After Pics

Jes Extender Results 5

Jes Extender Results 4

Jes Extender Results 3

Jes Extender Results 2

Jes Extender Results 1

Jes Extender Results 7

Jes Extender Results 8

Jes Extender Results 9

Jes Extender Results 10

Jes Extender Results 14

Jes Extender Results 15

The Jes Extender Calculator!

What Exactly Is The Jes Extender Device?

It’s actually pretty simple device. You put your  through the hole at the bottom and then strap it in at the end.

The device then elongates and stretches out your .

Over time this stretching enlarges your .

Here’s a video explaining more..

The Jes Extender FAQs Get Answered!

Based on some of the questions I’ve seen asked about this extender I’m going to do my best to answer some of the FAQs below.

  • Is  really possible? Yeah, it is. If you’ve read through this page already then you’ll see studies and pics showing proof however seeing is believing. I was very skeptical before I started and even though I saw pics and studies I still had my doubts. Seeing is believing as they say and now I’m a believer. If you’re like me then I recommend just giving it a go, you won’t regret it. Plus they have a money back guarantee anyway.
  • Does my starting size matter? Not really, the extender is adjustable so even if you suffer from having a 1 inch micro  you can still use it.
  • Is it safe to use? I believe the Jes Extender is safe to use. So far I’ve not heard of anyone who has injured themselves with it and if you put it on with too much traction it’ll just slip off the end of your .
  • Does it increase length and girth? It pretty much increases the size in all areas including the head of your .
  • Will anyone be able to tell I’m wearing it? Only if you walk around with no clothes on or wear very tight trousers. Apart from that I’ve found it very discreet to wear. It pretty much just points downwards and it’s very flat so yeah, it’s discreet.
  • How big can I get with this? Well they estimate that the average person will gain about 28% in length and around 19% in girth after 6 months of use. With the routine I shared above this is very possible. If you continue to use it after 6 months you’ll find that results happen a bit more slowly but with continued use you’ll continue to see gains. Oh yeah and you can use this calculator to see how much you’ll gain after 6 months.
  • Should I use anything else with the Jes Extender? Personally all I used was the Jes Extender device and nothing else.
  • Is the packaging discreet? Yep, for me it just came in a normal brown box and there was nothing on the packaging that says what’s inside.

So if you have any other questions then feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll answer it probably the same day!

The Jes Extender Pros and Cons

Now before I start this section I might as well tell you that I’m a bit biased because I think the Jes Extender is great but I’m gonna do my best to tell you about the pros and cons.

I’ll start with the cons..

  • It takes months to see results: Surgery is dangerous but the good thing about it is that it’s fast. The Jes Extender on the other hand will take months to get results. But it’s worth the effort.
  • It requires dedication: You’ll need to make sure you stick to the routine. Extenders are something that you need to wear a lot to get results. If you just wear it for an hour after work when you can remember then you’ll not get great results.But if you can promise yourself that you’ll stick to the routine and put in the hours then you won’t regret it.

Now the pros..

  • It’s well made: The device itself costs a couple hundred bucks so you expect it to be well made and not feel cheap and it delivers in that area. I’ve dropped it a bunch of times on hard flooring and it’s completely fine. It feels very sturdy and I believe that it will last a long time.
  • The price: Compared to other extenders it’s reasonably priced plus it’s a lot cheaper than surgery.
  • Easy to put on and it’s comfortable: After you get used to it it’s actually pretty comfortable to wear and it only takes 10 seconds to put it on. It’s really not that much hassle to wear it.
  • You can use it in private: If you were to go with surgery you’d have to visit a doctor and nurses and get your dick out and have them inspect it which is just weird. With the Jes Extender you don’t have to tell anyone you’re using it. It’ll just be you little secret.
  • Proven to increase length, girth and head size: As far as I can tell extenders are one of the only devices that are proven to increase the size of your  permanently apart from surgery.
  • It really works: At the end of the day the Jes Extender is a pretty simple device that increases the size of your . Just give it time and you’ll see that it works.

The best thing I can say about it is that it does what it says on the tin. It just works.

But Should You Buy The Jes Extender?

Now that I’ve used it and know that it works I would recommend it to anyone who wants a bigger .

But it’s just a tool at the end of the day and I’d only recommend buying it if you can commit to using it regularly.

I’ve shared my routine and I’m sure if you follow it you’ll get great results too.

So don’t expect results overnight but if you stay committed then I think you’ll be amazed at what it can do.

1-2 inches within 3-6 months is definitely possible and if for some reason you’re not satisfied they also have a money back guarantee so there’s really nothing to lose.

~ Sam

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Just got my jesextender in the mail and just want to say thanks for posting the routine and review. I’m getting started today. 🙂

My goal is to gain 1 inch or more.


UPDATE!! It’s been about 6-7 months since I started and I have gained over 1.5 inches using the Jes Extender and following this routine.

Hope this helps!


Smy.. would be great to get some feedback on your schedule.. and tips or any advice you have for wearing the extender .. I’ve been using the gold extender now half way through 7 weeks and have noticed only a small gain.. just find it hard to wear for more than 5 to 6 hrs a day, 3 to 4 hrs from around 8.30pm to 12 ish and now just starting to wear for 2 hrs in the morning from 5am to 7 ish for the last week.. I work and I’m buisy through the whole day
Cheers sst



does the J extender work for both flaccid and erected? please share your specs before and after for flaccid and erected.

thank you,


I’m about a month into using the Jes Extender and I can see a size difference already!



does the J extender work for both flaccid and erected? please share your specs before and after for flaccid and erected.

thank you,


Hey Furbs it’s been almost 10 months now. Can you talk about your results if you are still around? Thanks!

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