Does The Stud 100 Delay Spray Really Work?

Stud 100 Delay SprayHave you ever wished that you could last longer in the sack.

Most men have, myself included.

Apparently it takes the average woman around 15-20 minutes to orgasm through penetration but the average male only lasts between 3-6 minutes.

Obviously we’d all like to be able to satisfy our women so this got me wondering if it really is possible to last longer in bed without doing stupid stuff like thinking of weird unsexy stuff during sex.

One thing that you can do is called kegels, it’s an exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that helps give your more control over your orgasms but I’ll talk about that in another post soon.

Because in this post I’m going to talk about something called the Stud 100 delay spray from here (or just go to

Now I came across this spray the same way we find most things..

I Googled how to last longer in bed and this was one of the products being advertised on the Google ads.

At first I thought it was probably some kind of junk gimmick like “x-ray glasses”, I pretty much thought it was a scam.

However after looking for some reviews I found quite a few positive posts about it so I decided to order some as it’s pretty cheap.

Before I knew it my Stud 100 spray had arrived and that very evening I took it out of it’s packaging and proceeded to spray the head of my penis with it 7 or 8 times.

Now the main ingredient in Stud 100 is called Lidocaine 9% which is is a numbing agent.

Well after about 15 minutes I found that my dick was so numb that I could barely feel it let along get an erection.

So 8 sprays was way too much but it did prove that the stuff works!

After some testing I found that the right amount for me is a round 3 or 4 sprays. At that many sprays I can still get an erection and I still have some feeling but the head of my penis just loses a lot of the sensitivity.

With 3-4 sprays it took me around an hour of masturbating before I came.

When I actually used it with a real woman amazingly the sex lasted well over 30 minutes and she came twice before I did which made me feel like a total stud. 😉

What I noticed was that it was rather difficult to cum because of the reduced sensitivity and in the end I was pounding as hard as I could to try and cum which made for some great sex but it was almost like a cardio workout.

I may try 1-2 sprays next time because 30 minutes is great but maybe a bit too long.

I feel like the Stud 100 delay spray and the Jes Extender go well together.

The way I used it was 15 minutes before sex I sprayed it on and then a minute or 2 before I went into the bathroom and washed it off.

If you don’t wash it off then it will actually get onto her and make her numb too which would be a right hassle to explain if you were trying to keep the delay spray a secret.

You need to leave it on for at least 10 minutes to absorb before washing off. Washing it off doesn’t diminish its effectiveness either.

So yeah the Stud 100 delay spray is pretty awesome and I recommend giving it a go. It’s not good for spontaneous sex because it does require a bit of planning but if you know that you’re about to get laid pretty soon then you’ve got to give it a go.

You really will feel like a proper stud. Just remember to try it out in private first so you can figure out the right amount of sprays to use.

If you’ve used Stud 100 or another delay spray then leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it!

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4 Comments on "Does The Stud 100 Delay Spray Really Work?"

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augy thompson

I prefer promescent because stud100 makes me way way too numb. Promescent doesn’t transfer to my partner.


I triend it today with masturbation,, great erection,… i feel everything, with 3 sprays,, its amazing.


Fuck man I used stud 100 and just walked on 8 sprays never tested before this was last night, I dick was so floppy I couldn’t get it up this bitch was sucking my flacid dick for 30 minutes straight… she was like “why arn’t you getting hard?” Shiiit I told hey my dog died and I couldn’t stop thinking of him wtf never using this shot again for real

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